Work and Play in Video Games

Thomas Was Alone ad

Yesterday, the archive hosted an English 298 class entitled "The Games We Play." Students played a number of our games that were puzzle-oriented (most of them also included utopian/dystopian themes), and then presented what they learned as they discussed how their game incorporates the concepts of work and play.

Some memorable moments included:
1)  A couple of students growing very attached to the Thomas character from the game "Thomas Was Alone,"

2) A pair of students trying to feel their way through the game play of "Portal 2" for the first time (and one student questioning the meaning of getting stuck playing the tall lanky robot instead of the more buff one),

3) Two students trying to experience the storyline of "American McGee's Alice," but being thrown off by the (admittedly very frustrating) camera controls and low power level of the Alice character.




 A copy of the assignment they completed is included here: