We Want Your Videogames!

One of the ways we plan on growing the video game archive is through in-kind donations. How many people have old game consoles taking up space in the basement, looking for a good home? Quite a few, we think, and we can offer that good home to them!

I have a page up on our Website with details on what we're looking for and who to contact.

Here are a few of the things we've received so far:

PlayStation and games
PlayStation (One) and assorted games, anonymously donated in a large paper bag.

PlayStation 2
A PlayStation 2 and assorted games. The box underneath has another PS1 & games. Off to the right is a bag full of old Macintosh games.

TRS-80 Color Computer box
A Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer, ca. 1981. This is the box...

TRS-80 Color Computer
...and here's the computer. Ooooo. Originally shipped with 4K of memory, but the previous owner upgraded it to a whopping 16K!

Microsoft Joystick
An original MicroSoft force-feedback joystick controller. With it's very own power source!

More to come as we get more in...