The Video Game Room - Stage 1

empty space

As I mentioned in my previous post, we're creating a computer & video game archive at the library. This will be a working archive, with the various game systems set up and available for use.

We're converting a space for the game room. Previously it was used for photocopiers and as a sorting area for bound journals. Those elements have been moved elsewhere in the library, and now we have a big empty space:

Video Game Room - Empty & Waiting

Video Game Room - Empty & Waiting

Video Game Room - Empty & Waiting

The fans are there because the carpet had been recently cleaned; it was wet and smelled a bit of carpet-cleaner.

I wish I'd remembered to take pictures before the copiers and shelves were moved out, so you could see the transformation from the start.

Next up will be the installation of the furniture, the wiring for networking and electricity, and then we're putting in a wall.

More pics to come as things develop...