Update on the Retro Game Tournament

Our retro game tournament took place during all of last week, and ended rather dramatically in a tie for 1st as well as 3rd place. Top overall scorers are:

Kevin Michael Dempsey (35 pts.)
Shao-Ming (Simon) Huang (35 pts.)
Isaiah Hines (30 pts.)
Cesar Parra (27 pts.)
Weslie Tigner (27 pts.)

The 4 competitors that are tied will be asked to come back in this week for our tie breaker: Donkey Kong for Colecovision. Results will be posted as soon as they are tallied up.

Top scoring competitors for each game are:
Duck Hunt: Cesar Parra
Battlezone: Kevin Michael Dempsey
Ms. Pacman: Isaiah Hines
Space Invaders: Kevin Michael Dempsey
Tetris: Isaiah Hines

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated!