Stereotypical Games for Girls - The Notable Games Edition

Barbie Horse Adventures cover

Since we recently had a young girl in the archive that had a lot of trouble finding something she wanted to play, I thought I'd devote a notable games post to showcase several of the 'girly' games that the archive offers for her age group. So be prepared to be pummeled with sugar and spice and everything nice:

1. Barbie: Still popular after all this time...
- Barbie Race & Ride (Playstation)
- Detective Barbie: The Mystery Cruise (Playstation)
- Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue (Xbox)

2. Horses: Barbie's not the only one who can ride a horse like a pro:
- Lucinda Green's Equestrian Challenge (PC)
- My Horse & Me (Wii)
- Ultimate Games for Girls (PC)

3. Pets/Animals: Raise, groom, care for and compete with a myriad of animals:
- Animal Crossing (Gamecube)
- Calvin Tucker's Redneck Farm Animals Racing Tournament (Wii)
- Petz Sportz (Wii)
- Pet Pals: Animal Doctor (PC)

4. TV Shows, Movies & Other Media:
- Britney's Dance Beat (Playstation 2): Britney Spears. Yes, really.
- Hannah Montana (Nintendo DS)
- Kim Possible: What's the Switch? (Playstation 2)
- The Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction (Nintendo 64)

5. Classics: Disney, Princesses, & Pretty Things:
- Disney's Aladdin (Genesis)
- Enchanted Journey (PC)
- The Lion King (Super Nintendo)
- The Little Mermaid (Nintendo)
- Storyhour Fairytales (Wii)