Today we're here to mourn the passing of a good friend, who has been with us at the archive through hours and hours each day - through delighted cheers, pangs of terrible disappointment, and moments of rising up through nearly unbeatable odds and attempting the impossible.

A friend that has brought people together who never would have known each other except through a common interest, venturing forth through the awkward silences of strangers and bringing people together from all walks of life and majors in order to accomplish a common goal.

Fifa 10 disk, we salute you.

Surviving through the throngs of people who mishandle you each day, spinning patiently as people curse and belittle you for game errors that clearly have nothing to do with user error, we at the archive have watched from the sidelines, quietly admiring your determination and strength and wondering how long you were going to last. You are one of our first games to die of natural causes, not as a result of being dropped, scratched or abused (although you were, dear friend), but instead your sad end came from falling apart from old age and sheer use.

Your memory will stay in our hearts through many tests and trials as an inspiration for every obnoxious sports-game-loving group that comes in to skip class and play just one more game. At least till we replace you with Fifa 11, and then they probably won't think of you too often. But we will, we archive workers who have long called you friend.

Goodbye, Fifa 10 disk, goodbye.

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