Progress Update Too

Very busy this past week:

  • Ordered lots of stuff: games, consoles, displays, controllers, etc. Should start arriving in the next week or two.
  • Fielded questions from folks in cataloging and acquisitions. We're doing lots of things that fall outside the normal work flow so many decisions have to be made. Our people in tech services are good at keeping the lines of communication open, and dealing with my sometimes bizarre requests.
  • Hired the staff position to manage the day-to-day operations of the archive. She starts in two weeks.

I expect things to really start to pick up in a couple of weeks, once the renovation work gets done on the room (and the wall goes up!) and the equipment starts to arrive and the games make their way back from cataloging and labeling and we can finally start putting things together.

Oh hey, the first games have started showing up in our catalog: go to Mirlyn and do a command search on:

( WSU= computer games OR WSU= video games ) and WSL= AAEL and WCO= GAME