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We Have The Vita!

Vita box

The PlayStation Vita has arrived! Here are some pictures of the unboxing...And a picture of the games that have arrived so far for the game system:Stop by after Winter break and check it out when you get a chance!

All We Needed was One Last Cable

4-player Game Boy Advance equipment

Authored by our student worker, Doug Carmichael: Just got the final connection cable we needed to have full-on 4 player Game Boy Advance on GameCube mayhem! So gather your friends and bring them by to play some Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles or Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures!

Still in the Wrapping, Part 2

Oink Atari game cover

Another game of old has arrived still in the wrapping, this time from 1983. Oink! is for the Atari and explores the Three Little Piggies fairy tale from the wolf's point of view. Fortunately, we got another copy of the game as well, so this one will probably stay in the wrapping and be shown off in our display case. Sometimes you just have to blow the house down.

Still in the Wrapping

Beauty and the Beast game cover

Yesterday, we received a game ordered from eBay that was still in the wrapping. A common occurrence, right? Except this is an Intellivision game from 1982. It's so nicely wrapped, and probably would be worth a pretty penny later on to some collector. And yet it's our job to test these games and prepare them to be used by our archive users. Because after all, games are meant to be played.


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