New Video Game Classes at U-M

If you are a student here at the University of Michigan, there are a couple of new video game-related courses being offered:

For Summer 2013:

COMM 488-201, SAC 455-202 - Video Games, Culture, & Contexts
This course takes as its focus the cultural impact of video games from a number of critical perspectives. Just as movies and television have a rich history, video games develop out of a number of social, economic, and technological structures. We will examine video games as cultural texts that are part of a complex, cultural landscape—objects revealing much about cultural anxieties, ideologies, and assumptions. We will analyze a number of video game texts, ranging from early arcade style games, to console games, to PC games, to games for mobile phones. A range of genres within these game texts will be discussed, such as first person shooters, massively multi-player online games, and casual games—unpacking both the formal aspects of the game and the underlying meaning of game narratives. How and by whom are video games produced, how does the industry market particular games to its perceived audience, who plays games and why, and what is so serious about “serious” games? We will draw from a range of methodological and theoretical texts within the field of game studies: critical cultural, ethnographic, media effects, industrial, and historical. (Instructor: Julia Lange)



And for Fall 2013:




MUSPERF  300 - Video Game Music
This course surveys game music from the first synthesized "bleeps" and "bloops" to modern orchestral compositions.  Techniques are learned to aurally analyze game music.  Students will create compositions using computer software as a final project.  Course is designed for non-music majors; the ability to read standard music notation is not needed. (Instructor: Matthew Thompson)



on July 26, 10:09am

Sounds great, what's the whole procedure of registering to these courses?

David S Carter
on Aug. 11, 9:32am

Hi John. This post is from 3 years ago (though I know that the Music class is still being offered). You can register for them through Wolverine Access, the same as with all U-M courses.