New Use Policies

Now that we're mostly moved in, we thought we'd take the time to post our new use policies here. Major changes include keeping coats and backpacks by the entrance, and checking out games so that we can track them more easily.

The use policies are as follows:

1.       Choosing and Checking Out a Game: After deciding which game to play, leave the case on the wall and tell the attendant the title and system of the game. S/he will check out the game disk to you using your library account and Mcard for 4 hours. When you're finished, alert the attendant or return the game disk in its sleeve to the service desk. Items not returned after 4 hours will be subject to late fees.
2.       Do Not Leave the Archive with Games /Equipment: Games and equipment belonging to the archive must remain in the archive, regardless of whether they are checked out to you. You may bring in your own games, consoles, or peripherals if you alert the attendant. Personal hard drives may not be used in our consoles unless you are working on an archive-related project that requires it.
3.       Food, Drink, and Other Belongings: NO FOOD is allowed in the archive, and all drinks must be in securely closed containers. We strongly encourage you to place backpacks on the racks located at the entrance. When leaving, please take all trash and belongings with you. Any belongings left behind will be removed from the game station and placed in the lost & found at the Library Reserve desk.
4.       Time/Game Limits: Each person or group will be limited to using one game at a time, and may use a particular station for up to one hour. If someone else would like to use it at that time or beyond, the person or group will be asked to vacate it. Each person is permitted to use the archive for up to 4 hours per day. Exceptions may be made for students working on archive-related projects.
5.       Use the Archive Courteously: Please be courteous to others in the archive as well as online users while using the archive. Refrain from excessive profanity and noise levels, disturbing other users while they are playing, or trying to rush someone into vacating a station before their time limit is up. Users who demonstrate repeated problem behavior may be asked to leave.
6.       No Personal Accounts: Please do not add personal on- or offline accounts to our consoles, such as Xbox Live accounts. Any unauthorized profiles added to one of our Xbox 360 consoles are subject to deletion and will not be recovered. Similarly, please do not add friends to any of our consoles.
7.       Saved Games and Game Settings: Please ask an attendant before overwriting saved games, and don't play a saved game that is not yours. If you adjust game settings while playing, please reset them before you leave to the way they were when you arrived.
8.      Technical Problems: If you experience any technical problems with the equipment, please alert a staff member to assist you. Do not attempt to rearrange cords and consoles yourself.
9.       Handle Equipment with Care: Please handle games and equipment with respect, refraining from button-mashing, dropping/tossing controllers, or intentionally engaging in behavior that may damage the games or equipment. The archive reserves the right the charge patrons engaged in such behavior with replacement fees. Also, please handle game disks only at the edges, and do not disturb consoles that are in use in order to prevent scratching CDs as they are being played.
For the most up-to-date copy of our use policies, as well as a myriad of other information about the archive, check out our libguide.