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Books? Yeah, we've got them too...Recently we've started to add novels, comics and art books related to video games to the collection. Like Warcraft and Halo novels, The Art of... books, and the like. These books will be in the regular AAEL books collection (i.e. not kept down in the archive room) so you can check them out and read them like any other book in the library.

Bibliobouts launched for classroom use

The game Bibliobouts, created by SI students from the University of Michigan, is getting more press as they prepare to be released for classroom use for the Winter 2011 and Fall 2011 semesters. Bibliobouts is "an online social activity that teaches players the skills they need to research academic papers," and can be used across disciplines.Read more about it here, or check out the demo here by entering as the email address and "demo" as the password.

Video Games Studies Guide

We've published a new LibGuide for Video Game Studies. It covers "the academic analysis of various aspects of computer, console, arcade, and Internet games," from both social science and humanities perspectives. This guide was created by Ben Nanamaker, one of our University Library Associates here at the AAEL.

Moving In

Moving in

We've started moving things into the game archive room, in the anticipation of opening up next week. Here are a few photos - More to come!


Newer games

A couple of days ago we received the first batch of new games that have made their way through acquisitions -> cataloging -> labelling. We received another large tote full of games today, so there's plenty more to come. I've started an RSS feed for the video games that arrive.

Progress Update Too

Very busy this past week: Ordered lots of stuff: games, consoles, displays, controllers, etc. Should start arriving in the next week or two. Fielded questions from folks in cataloging and acquisitions. We're doing lots of things that fall outside the normal work flow so many decisions have to be made.

Progress Update

I've been pretty busy working on the game archive over the past week. Some highlights: Got the collection fund set up and started ordering games. I've ordered over 40 games so far, including games for PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, and Windows. Hopefully we'll have stuff through the acquisitions-cataloging-labeling pipeline in time for fall semester...


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