Hiring for the Winter Term

We're hiring for the Winter term! Please see below for a job description, as well as instructions for how to apply at the end.

Computer & Video Game Archive Assistant


Work at the Computer & Video Game Archive desk to circulate games, answer questions, troubleshoot gaming equipment, and enforce archive policies. Test and clean donated games and equipment, help install software/hardware, help restore older game systems and equipment, etc. Assist in running archive-related special events and class sessions. Contribute to the archive blog and Twitter account.

Educational value of this job: Gain experience working in an academic library, and gain knowledge of the inner workings of a library special collection. Gain experience restoring newer & older computers/consoles. Increase your knowledge of the video game and media industry.

The person in this position periodically moves audio/visual equipment weighing 30 pounds or more.

Required Qualifications

• The ability to provide great customer service.
• The ability to effectively communicate and support our mission.
• The ability to communicate with larger groups of people while giving tours. 
• Attention to detail. 

Desired Qualifications

At least 3 of the following: 
• Previous customer service experience. 
• Previous experience working in a library or archive setting.
• Knowledge of and experience playing a large number of old & new video games. 
• Knowledge of and experience using software related to PC games (Steam, DOSBox, etc.) 
• Experience building/repairing PC computers and/or video game consoles. 
• Experience designing posters and informative displays. 
• Experience giving tours or coordinating special events.


Number of Available Openings: 2-3

Hours:  8.0 to 16.0 hours per week (preferred)

Compensation: $10.00/hour

Time Frame:    Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer

Work Location: Computer & Video Game Archive, B474 Duderstadt Center, North campus.

To apply:

Fill out an application, then send your resume and work availability for the Winter semester to vwaldron@umich.edu.