Game Design Jam

Game Design Jam Poster

Here's a game design event happening on central campus that we wanted to make you aware of.

Game Design Jam

Monday, April 11th, 4:00pm-7:00pm
1500 North Quad (LRC PC Classroom)

Gamers Wanted!!!

Are you a video game addict? Game designer? Or both? Have you been frustrated by
game play, poor plot points, or lack of action in educational games?

Think you could help create the perfect game?
We intend to do exactly that and we want YOUR input on what the perfect game looks,
plays, and feels like!

On April 11th you can:
- Contribute to the creation of the ULTIMATE educational game!
- Meet and talk with other gamers who share your passion
- Have fun playing games as they are played in different countries around the world.
- Smash some snacks and beverages.

All you have to bring is your IMAGINATION!!!

Sponsored by the Language Resource Center