Dance Central 2 Competition for Extra Credit

Today we hosted a dance-off in which a professor-who-will-remain-nameless challenged her students to compete with her using the video game Dance Central 2. They would get a few extra credit points just for showing up, and could get quite a few more if they managed to beat her on one of the songs.

Two of her students showed up, one of which had never used the Kinect before. Little did they know that their professor knew the game fluently and had shown her expertise at some of our previous events (or maybe she did mention this to them, who knows).

Everyone was a great sport, including the professor, who set her difficulty to Hard and the students' at Easy to level things off a bit. Only one of the students managed to beat her, however, and just barely. The same student later competed with her on Medium difficulty and didn't fare so well.

Then, our fearless leader Dave rounded out the event by challenging the professor to a match, where he showed off his freestyle. Overall, the event seemed to be a lot of fun for everyone involved.