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Moving In

Moving in

We've started moving things into the game archive room, in the anticipation of opening up next week. Here are a few photos - More to come!

Opening Soon?

Assuming that nothing surprising happens (knock on wood...) I hope that we'll be able to open the Computer & Video Game Archive by the end of September. It will be a soft open, for a few hours on weekday afternoons as we get used to things and figure out how to run the place. We'll no doubt expand hours as we go along, and plan on having a Grand Opening Extravataganza sometime in mid-November.


Newer games

A couple of days ago we received the first batch of new games that have made their way through acquisitions -> cataloging -> labelling. We received another large tote full of games today, so there's plenty more to come. I've started an RSS feed for the video games that arrive.

Space Update

CVGA space

Sorry it's been so long between updates. But things have been happening with new archive. The space is coming along nicely. Last week the wiring was completed and the furniture assembled.


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