CVGA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The FAQ for the CVGA has been updated on our libguide, and includes our policies regarding the game soundtracks that we have available for use within the archive. We will also list it here below.

About the Archive


How long have you been open?
The CVGA first opened on the 2nd floor of the Duderstadt Center. Its grand opening was in November of 2008, after being open to the public as of August 2008. It moved to a much larger space in the basement of the Duderstadt Center in January 2011.
What are you hours of operation?
You can check our door or our website for hours. Any exceptions will be posted on the door.
Who pays for this archive?
We are funded by the University of Michigan Library System and are part of the Learning & Teaching Department. We have a budget to buy new games as they come out. Most of our older equipment has been donated over time.
Do you take donations?
Yes, we accept donations of games and equipment. If you have a question about what materials we need most, you can email us at Any donations may be dropped off in person at the Computer & Video Game Archive, or you can ship them to:
             Computer & Video Game Archive
Art, Architecture & Engineering Library
B474 Duderstadt Center
2281 Bonisteel Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2094
Be sure to give us your address as well, so we can send you a thank you letter, which can be used for tax purposes.
Common Game Circulation Questions
Can I rent out a game or piece of equipment?
No, the CVGA is not set up to loan out any of its collection. In keeping with our mission as an archive to preserve our collection, we make everything available for in-house use only. We have multiple game stations for use and are open Monday - Saturday. You may reserve one of our stations in advance (1-3 days notice) in person, by phone (734-763-6533), or by email (
Can I bring in my own games, controllers, memory cards or equipment?
Yes. Our materials have to stay in-house, but you are welcome to bring your own materials to use with our equipment here.  To avoid confusion, please let staff know whenever you bring your own items into the archive.
About Our Collection and Game Selection
When will you get in x, y or z?
While we do pre-order new big titles, all of our games are cataloged and searchable in Mirlyn, as with other materials in the UM library system. If the status of the item says “4 Hour Loan,” it is most likely available in the archive. As a general rule, from the time a game is released, it will probably be at least a month before we see it on our shelves. Tragic, we know.
Why don’t you have x, y or z?
Our ultimate goal is to have a copy of every game, but that will probably be a long time coming. If the game you are looking for is newer, see our answer above. If the game you are looking for is older, you may make game requests at the CVGA service desk, but there is no guarantee we will get it. The decision to acquire a game is based on many factors, including academic value, popularity, and other practical concerns. Any questions regarding this process can be sent to Dave Carter at
What are your policies regarding game soundtracks?
Soundtracks often come with games as a bonus feature. We have separated these from the games and made them available for checkout so you can listen to them within the CVGA. As with other library materials, it is up to you to follow copyright procedures, so please do not download songs onto your own equipment.
About Working at the CVGA
Do you get paid to work here?
                Yes, everyone who works here gets paid to do so.
Can I work here?
We usually hire new people just before the Fall semester begins. Any jobs that become available will likely be posted at, so you can check there periodically.
We need another person to play this game with us.  Can a staff member join us?
Unfortunately, staff members are not permitted to play while on duty.   We must be available to welcome and assist other users as they come in.