CVGA Disassembled

Inside an Intellivision game console

Get a real inside look at the gaming systems housed in the Computer & Video Game Archive in "CVGA Disassembled," a new online exhibit created to help celebrate the CVGA's 5th Anniversary this week.

We've opened up some of our favorite game consoles of yesteryear to show off the guts and inside circuitry, as well as loving shots of the exteriors. In addition, visitors to the exhibit will learn about the history of these gaming systems as they step through the different generations of video games.

The exhibit is curated by CVGA manager Val Waldron, and was created with the assistance of current and former Learning & Teaching University Library Associates Alex Purcell, Adam Jazairi, and Maria Seiferle-Valencia.

"CVGA Disassembled" can be viewed online as part of the MLibrary Online Exhibits at