The Adventure of Links: November 22, 2010

A semi-regular round-up of interesting video game links from around the Interwebs:

New York Times Technology: "With Kinect Controller, Hackers Take Liberties"

The attraction of the device is that it is outfitted with cameras, sensors and software that let it detect movement, depth, and the shape and position of the human body.

Michigan Radio: "Michigan awards its first video game tax incentive"


Pixofactor Entertainment in Royal Oak, MI will get a 40% tax incentive to develop a Nintendo Wii game about golfer Ben Hogan. It's the first video game company in the state to take advantage of the state's generous tax incentives.

Computers in Human Behavior: "Children’s choices and strategies in video games"



This mixed-methods study examines relationships between the genres of video games children choose to play and the learning strategies they employ to improve at these games. It also explores students’ motivations for playing the games they choose to play.

Accident Analysis & Prevention: "Excellent gamer, excellent driver? The impact of adolescents’ video game playing on driving behavior"



The results showed that (even after controlling for aggression and sensation seeking) video game playing during adolescence succeeded in predicting later risky driving behavior through adolescents’ attitudes and intentions to exhibit this behavior in the future. The results suggest that this relationship may in part be explained by the game content.


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