The Adventure of Links: November 16, 2010

A semi-regular round-up of interesting video game links from around the Interwebs:

Wired Science: "How Wii and Kinect Hack Into Your Emotions"

Nintendo’s Wii game console may owe some of its extraordinary success to emotions that are triggered by specific movements: It might essentially be using your body to hack into your brain.

New York Times Sports: "Image Rights vs. Free Speech in Video Game Suit"


A former college football player’s suit against Electronic Arts could decide when the right to control one’s image trumps the rights of others to use it.

Bloomberg Businessweek: "Video Games Not Harmful to Most Teens: Study"



Most teens who play video games don't fall into unhealthy behaviors, but an "addicted" minority may be more likely to smoke, use drugs, fight or become depressed, a new Yale University study suggests.