Posts on September 2008
from Eaten by a Grue

What We Have

Here's a list of the hardware that we have so far. The one major piece of equipment that has been ordered but hasn't arrived yet is an HP Blackbird 002, for computer gaming. The best way to see which games we have available is to consult Mirlyn, by doing a command search.

Moving In

Moving in

We've started moving things into the game archive room, in the anticipation of opening up next week. Here are a few photos - More to come!

Every Teen Plays Video Games (almost)

I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but an AP article summarizes a report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project that says that 97% of all American teenagers play video games.The study looks at teens' video game habits, as well as the effect that game playing has on their civil engagement.

Opening Soon?

Assuming that nothing surprising happens (knock on wood...) I hope that we'll be able to open the Computer & Video Game Archive by the end of September. It will be a soft open, for a few hours on weekday afternoons as we get used to things and figure out how to run the place. We'll no doubt expand hours as we go along, and plan on having a Grand Opening Extravataganza sometime in mid-November.