Posts on October 2011
from Eaten by a Grue

Halo Reach Tournament this Friday!

Halo Reach ad

The Computer & Video Game Archive is working with the Ann Arbor District Library to hold a Halo Reach tournament, where Ann Arborites can battle each other to win some great library swag and bragging rights. We're also working with AADL as they continue their Arcade Master Series, so come ready to play some classic games and prove your skill with them as well!

Ridding the World of the Undead Threat

The zombie horde. They've invaded our movies, corrupted our books, swept through our apocalypse dramas, and plagued our video games. One day, they may invade our homes. Will you be ready? Help the archive develop weapons to quell their numbers before they wreak havoc on everyone. Our special Anti-Zombie Development Authority, or AZDA, has developed several prototypes and strategies to use against them, including conventional guns, loud music, harsh typed words, and our personal favorite,...

Zombie Game Tournament!

Looking for a way to celebrate Halloween in style? Join us for our Zombie Game Tournament, taking place during the week leading up to Halloween, and earn Amazon gift cards! Sign up now.

Libraries in Minecraft

Old Dominion University has taken the time to painstakingly recreate their library in the popular indie game Minecraft, and is currently seeking out ideas for connecting with current and potential users who play the game. According to their website, they're planning a zombie invasion on their virtual library to celebrate Halloween, and who knows what might invade them next.

In Search of Gaming's Worst

Jon Irwin of the blog Kill Screen has done an interview with our own Dave Carter that accentuates the archive. In the interview, they discuss the importance of studying not only great and popular games, but learning the history of and learning lessons from the worst games out there as well.