Posts on January 2009
from Eaten by a Grue

Resurrecting Cartridges

Zombies Ate My Neighbors (inside view)

I spent the morning resurrecting old non-working SNES cartdiges that had been donated to the archive. This involved opening them up, applying polish & fixer to the contacts, then re-sealing. I went six-for-six in getting the old cartridges working again!

Commodore 64

Commodore 64

Last week we received a donation of a Commodore 64 (actually a later-model Commodore 64C), including a disk drive, monitor and joysticks. All of which works, and also came with about thirty-five games.


Mirror's Edge

I'd been pretty stoked about Mirror's Edge since first reading about it many months ago, but when I sat down to try to play it I sadly learned that I don't have the chops to effectively manage the controls (I got stuck on an early part of the training!) Yesterday I spent some time in the archive watching a student play Edge. I don't normally get too excited watching someone else play, but Edge was definitely exciting to watch.