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Proudly Announcing the Refreshed, Visually Restyled, and Remodeled to be More User-Friendly - Bentley Historical Library Digital Collections

The newly improved collection main page for Digitized Selections from the Charles I. Walker Collection, 1817-1887

Over the past year, Library Information Technology - specifically Digital Content & Collections, Digital Library Applications, and Design & Discovery - has been collaborating with the Bentley Historical Library to assess and update the interfaces for some of their digital collections. The results have improved usability, allowed us to document lessons learned that can be applied to the new digital platform that we are building for our digital collections, and forged deeper ties with a...

Introducing: Special Collections Image Bank

Galileo zoom

The Special Collections Library Image Bank is a repository intended to capture the digitized images of Special Collections materials in the public domain created for incidental requests — such as those from patrons or from curatorial staff for outreach initiatives.


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