Two New Artists’ Books

Market to Market

Market to Market by Mary V. Marsh


Market to Market top view

Market to Market by Mary V. Marsh

I saw this book over the summer during a visit by Laura Russell of 23 Sandy Gallery. I was immediately impressed by its dynamic structure: closed, it appears to be an ordinary book. However, when opened, hidden magnets allow the book to spread open so that the two covers touch, forming what’s called a carousel structure. The subject matter, documenting ordinary scenes of commuters from the artist’s travels between Oakland and San Francisco, struck me as potentially appealing to the students at the Stamps School of Art & Design, who will soon leave the academic world to become artists with commutes of their own.





KAMO by Kyoko MatsunagaKAMO

This new book drew me in with ethereal, watercolor like illustrations digitally printed on lightweight Japanese paper. I’ve seen several books recently that feel both technically precise and handmade at the same time, and KAMO falls into this category. Matsunaga was inspired by a river near her home, where people hop across stepping stones embedded in the water. The book’s undulating, up and down structure recall both this hopping motion and the flow of water in a river. Another book from 23 Sandy, this already intriguing book sold me by including a little stone from the actual river inside its custom enclosure box.

These two artists’ books and about 500 of their friends live in Special Collections at the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library. Contact Jamie Lausch Vander Broek to schedule an appointment to see them in person.