New Space: DMC’s Personal Studio

Personal Studio

The Digital Media Commons (DMC) recently renovated the Advanced Podcasting Room and are renaming it to “DMC Personal Studio” which can be reserved by individuals or small groups for recording videos. The studio is located in the conference corridor off the Connector Hallway between the Duderstadt Center and Pierpont Commons.

I spoke with Media Consultant Stephen Eberle at the studio’s open house on November 23 to learn a bit more about how the space can be used and some of its features.

The space includes two walls with drop down cloth backgrounds of different colors, a screen that facilitates annotations with a special stylus, a teleprompter, video cameras, lighting, and microphones. There are also some wooden acoustic panels installed to help improve the overall sound quality in the room.

Inside of the Personal Studio

I found it to be an exciting space because it makes creating a video so easy and accessible. Stephen told me, “You come in here and you flip on the light switch to turn on the video and lights and you point the camera and you’re ready to go. There’s nothing technical that you have to worry about outside of just hitting record.”

There are a number of different things people can use the space to record including:

  • Lectures with or without annotated slides
  • A personal statement for a video resumé
  • Practicing a speech
  • A video for a class assignment
  • A podcast
  • And any other creative idea you may have!

In addition to it being easy to use, the results look great and the room can be used any time the building is open. “The biggest benefit [of the space] is that we’ve made it easy for somebody to come in without any experience and record a professional-looking presentation like you would see at or YouTube or like you would shoot in a video studio, but they can do it on their own, in their own schedule and it’s gonna look good,“ says Stephen. “They don’t have to worry about how the camera works or where to set up the lights or anything like that.”

Here is a video that gives a great overview of the space.

View video on YouTube

Accessibility Options

In order to use the Personal Studio, students, staff, and faculty must take a half-hour orientation and then you can reserve the space for up to 2 hours at a time. To request an orientation, contact

Stephen reports that students can download the software to practice before coming into the space if they want, but “most of the users get pretty comfortable relatively fast.” While the DMC staff love to hear positive feedback about when things go well or a video turns out great, users should also feel free to contact them with any issues they run into. 

If you have any questions about the space, you can contact If you’ve already had a chance to use the space, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!