May Books for Recreational Reading!

Image of girl reading while laying in the grass.

Photo by Eliens courtesy of Pixabay (Public Domain).

This May, the AAEL Recreational Reading Collection has some great new books to check out for your summer reading! One of our new books is I Refuse, a novel about two men, their pasts, and the reversal of their fortunes. Another new book we have this month is The Sympathizer, a gripping spy novel about a captain in the Vietnam War whose political beliefs clash with his personal loyalties. This month we also have the book The Swimmer: A Novel. This thriller tells the tale of a CIA agent fight to save his daughter.

These books would all make for great summer reads, as would the many others we have in the Recreational Reading Collection. Come check them out on the second floor of the AAEL and let us know what you think in the comments below!