Engineering Books Move

Where are the engineering books?

The College of Engineering, the Library, and the Duderstadt Center made a joint decision to move the engineering books to offsite storage and make them available exclusively by delivery through the Library’s delivery service. When you request an item by clicking the Get This button in Mirlyn, the online catalog, it will be delivered to the library of your choice within one business day.

Why did we change to a delivery model?

Most students and faculty members access the university’s engineering books and journals electronically instead of in print. With a growing student population on North Campus there is increased demand for study space and student-centered services. The decision to move to a delivery model for the engineering books was in response to these trends and opens up opportunities for expanding and enhancing the study spaces and services offered in the Duderstadt Center in the future.

How can I get help accessing resources?

Get in touch with a librarian by visiting the service desk on Level 2 or online via Ask a Librarian

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on Sept. 22, 2:52am

I find this decision completely and utterly deplorable. Though this is my final year at the University of Michigan, some of my favorite moments on campus were spent exploring the basement of the Dude, and I am deeply saddened that I won't be able to do so anymore. I remember spending one long night with friends in the Dude looking at old NASA documents. We were like kids in a candy store, reading the original manuscript of the results of Alan Shepard's first flight into space or the drawings of the Apollo command and service module. Frankly, I am upset and embarrassed that future Michigan students won't have the same opportunity to explore and deepen their passions and pursuits in the basement of the Dude as I did. I wouldn't imagine spending a night browsing books in a library to be a luxury at a university that prides itself on being the "leaders and best."