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New Book Display for Summer

Full display

We have a new book display called "The Heat Is On," which highlights books that focus on Summer, the sun, and heat (appropriate considering the weather we've been having, no?) Books included cover everything from using sunlight in architecture to books giving introductions to the fundamentals of heat transfer. You can check out the display on the 2nd floor of the Duderstadt Center. Enjoy!

LGBTQ Comics display

LGBTQ full display

This June, we are highlighting LGBT Pride Month with our comics and graphic novels display. You'll find a mix of nonfiction and fiction that includes works by queer artists, works featuring queer characters, graphic biographies of LGBT people, and more!

Video Game Design Book Display

Display sign

We have a new book display on the 2nd floor of the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library, which highlights the growing number of books we carry on video game design. Some subjects that are covered in the display are video game art, music, sounds effects, programming, and career choices. You can check out some other books we have on the subject in our library catalog.

New Book Displays for April

This month, we decided to highlight Earth Month, which takes place during the month of April. We also currently have a book display that showcases our collection's Batman and Superman comics, which coincides with the recent release of the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.

Retro Book Display for the Month of March

Retro display sign

For the month of March, we decided to highlight some of the books in our collection that explore the idea of being "retro." Though most of us have a general idea of what people mean when they refer to something as retro, it's interesting to explore some of the different facets of the term, from interior design patterns to video game themes.

Book Displays for February

"A trick of the light: Daylight remembered" sign

We have two new book displays on the 2nd floor of the Duderstadt Center to share with you: "A Trick of the Light: Daylight Remembered" and graphic novels themed after Black History Month and Women's History Month.


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