Book Arts Studio: Letterpress Open Studio, Fridays 1-4

Wood type

Type set for a poster advertising Open Studio.

Letterpress is hypnotic, addictive, and a little messy. Master wood engraver and letterpress expert Jim Horton joins the Book Arts Studio in the Duderstadt Center each Friday to run Letterpress Open Studio from 1-4. Totally intimidated? Zero experience? The first hour of Open Studio is dedicated to instructing people new to letterpress (or just rusty!). Already set with your project and just need the equipment and space? Maybe an occasional pointer or question? Open Studio is for you, too.

The Book Arts Studio contains the letterpress equipment used to produce The Alternative Press, an important 20th century poetry journal run by Ken Mikolowski and his late wife, Ann. Ann was also an artist and wood engraver, and the collection includes many examples of her work.