Posts on March 2016
from Da Vinci's Notes

Engineering Standards at the U-M Library

Photo of measurements

Standards are important to engineering students as you experiment with new solutions to old problems. Understanding and applying existing standards will help you to create safe, reliable, and marketable designs. As you enter the engineering workforce, your employers will depend on your knowledge of standards as you tackle new engineering problems. But what's a standard?

Beyond Books: Materials in the Library

Photo of materials in the Materials Collection

The Materials Collection at the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library has vast potential as a learning resource. I interviewed Rebecca Price to get her thoughts about how faculty, students, and visitors can profit from the collection’s existence at U-M Library.

Retro Book Display for the Month of March

Retro display sign

For the month of March, we decided to highlight some of the books in our collection that explore the idea of being "retro." Though most of us have a general idea of what people mean when they refer to something as retro, it's interesting to explore some of the different facets of the term, from interior design patterns to video game themes.