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How Apocalypse is Portrayed in Games

We just finished hosting Nick Harp's English class in the archive, which focused on how the apocalypse (in its various forms) is represented in video games. The class discussion led to several very interesting questions. Which apocalyptic games would you have added to our games list, and why?

Work and Play in Video Games

Thomas Was Alone ad

Yesterday, the archive hosted an English 298 class entitled "The Games We Play." Students played a number of our games that were puzzle-oriented (most of them also included utopian/dystopian themes), and then presented what they learned as they discussed how their game incorporates the concepts of work and play.

Video Games as Culture/Form

Professor Sheila Murphy is teaching her class again this semester, entitled "Video Games as Culture/Form." Besides a trip to our archive to get up close and personal with some of the more violent games in our collection, students from the class are also contributing to the course blog at, where they give their unedited perspectives on a variety of topics related to video games and culture.