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Behind the Scenes of Book Conservation: International Good Roads Tour Scrapbook

Photographs show before (left) and after (right) treatment. The matching adhesive stains can be seen on the back of the map and the back cover of the scrapbook. The “after treatment” photo shows the final step of treatment which involves placing each page into a Mylar “L” sleeve, protecting the object while keeping it accessible.

Conservation Technician, Brooke Adams, describes the complex treatment of an International Good Roads Tour Scrapbook, part of SCRC's Transportation History Collection. The scrapbook was compiled by William Sydnor Gilbreath Sr., a businessman and strong supporter of the Good Roads Movement (GRM). The scrapbook was created during Gilbreath’s participation in the 1920 International Good Roads Tour through Michigan and southeastern Ontario.

Behind the Scenes of Book Conservation: Mich. Ms. 152

Mich. Ms. 152, lower edge, before treatment. 2/27/2019

There are many beautiful and fascinating medieval and Renaissance manuscripts that can be viewed in the reading room of the Special Collections Research Center (SCRC). Out of the hundreds of manuscripts found at U-M, copied in many languages and representing various cultural traditions, including those of western Europe, Byzantium, and Islam, I will be focusing on Mich. Ms. 152, an extraordinary medieval manuscript containing St. Augustine's De doctrina christiana.