Digital Archiving Research Guide

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In celebration of this year’s ALCTS Preservation Week, the U-M Library Digital Preservation Unit published our Digital Archiving Research Guide. The Guide contains tips and recommendations for organizing and preserving your personal digital files in a variety of media formats. Much of the Guide is based on our Personal Digital Archiving zine and the PDA workshops and pop-up events we’ve held over the past few years. (Unfortunately, an event scheduled for this week at the Ann Arbor District Library was cancelled because of the current COVID-19 crisis.) Please feel free to contact us ( if you have questions or feedback about anything in the Digital Archiving Research Guide, and keep an eye out for future Bits & Pieces posts about digital archiving activities you can do while stuck at home.

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Ruth Barnard
on May 17, 6:17pm

Looking for ideas and suggestions. Thank you.

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