Change is coming to Deep Blue Data!

With our upgrade to the Hyrax 2.0 system in early 2019, depositors may notice some changes to the user interface.

What will change:

  • A new ability to embargo data deposits (for up to a year)
  • A new look to the deposit process and user dashboard
  • Additional metadata fields to allow for more detail on funding agencies and licensing
  • Dashboard notifications showing the progress of deposits through the review and publication process
  • The ability to brand collections with images and descriptive text--to use this updated functionality, please contact us for assistance.
  • Search now incorporates full text searching of text documents to improve searching “read me” and other documentation files.  

What will not change:

  • Previously generated DOIs/URLs will continue to resolve to their data deposits.
  • Our commitment to constantly improving Deep Blue Data while publishing and preserving data sets in ways that benefit depositors.

In particular, the dashboard now better reflects the progression of a deposited data set through our review process, including the back and forth communication between Deep Blue Data staff and depositors. For each deposit, we perform an initial review within the first day or two  to check that the deposit meets our acceptance criteria; contains both data and accompanying documentation; and files have successfully been ingested, can be downloaded and opened. We contact the depositor by email to let them know when this process is complete. Over the next week or two, we review the deposit more fully (sometimes bringing in the appropriate subject librarian) for completeness and legibility of documentation and data, using our documentation guidelines as the minimum criteria. Following this review, we send any curation recommendations to the depositor and work with them to make changes to the record, after which we publish the deposit. The entire process usually takes a few days to a few weeks, depending on the state of the data set and the depositor’s timeline for publication.

We are excited for the upgrade to Hyrax 2 and the enhancements it will bring. We welcome any questions or feedback that you may have about the upgrade or our services at deepblue [at]