New Online Exhibit: A Menagerie of Animal Tales

Pop-up page spread showing the three bears leaving on a walk, with a young blonde girl (Goldilocks) peeking out from behind a tree

Goldilocks and the Three Bears, designed by VojtÄ›ch Kubašta (England: Brown Watson, 1984). The William A. Gosling Pop-up and Movable Book Collection.

The Special Collections Research Center is pleased to announce a new online exhibit: A Menagerie of Animal Tales. Curated by students in Dr. Lisa Makman’s English 313 course: Children’s Literature and the Invention of Modern Childhood, this exhibit showcases different visual and textual interpretations of classic fables and fairy tales in which animals play central roles. Drawing on publications ranging from a 1793 edition of  Aesop’s Fables to Mo Willems' 2012 Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs, this exhibit explores the ways that animal figures are used in children’s literature to embody basic needs, express children’s emotional lives, and enact their impulses.