New Exhibit: Seven Fantasy Classics for Children | Opening Today

Poster advertising exhibit: Seven Fantasy Classics for Children (April 10-July 31, 2018). Decorated with floral background from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, two line-drawing of Hansel and Gretel's wicked stepmother, and a cartoon version of the Big Bad Wolf character from Little Red Riding Hood

The Special Collections Research Center is pleased to announce the opening of Seven Fantasy Classics for Children (April 10-July 31, 2018), a new exhibit in the Audubon Room, curated by Lisa Makman's  English 313 course, Children's Literature and the Invention of Modern Childhood.  This exhibit showcases varying interpretations of classic children's stories, exploring figures and motifs from narratives originating in oral traditions, such as Little Red Riding Hood, and from compositions of single authors inspired by folklore, such as Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid.    

Join us for an informal opening today on Tuesday, April 10th, 1:00-2:30pm in the Hatcher Gallery. Light refreshments will be served. Come browse the exhibit and chat with student curators.