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from Beyond the Reading Room

A New Acquisition: A Japanese Illustrated Book on Surgery

woodcut from Irako Mitsuaki. Geka kinmō zui (Kyoto : Ebisuya Ichiemon, 1809)

We have recently purchased this very rare Japanese book on surgery for our History of Medicine Collection, which is particularly comprehensive on the history of surgery from the Middle Ages throughout the Renaissance. Since our holdings on this subject mainly focus on Western medicine, this Japanese imprint is a long overdue addition, being an extraordinary witness of one of many cultural exchanges between Japan and Europe from the sixteenth century onward.

Curator’s Talk | Dining Out: Menus, Chefs, Restaurants, Hotels, & Guidebooks

Children's breakfast menu with blue and black illustrations of children and animals

Join us this Thursday, November 12th at 4:00 p.m. in the Hatcher Library Gallery for a lecture by donor and adjunct curator Jan Longone on Dining Out: Menus, Chefs, Restaurants, Hotels, & Guidebooks. Jan's lecture will delve into the development, selection process, and contents of this exhibition of the history of the eating out experience. The Exhibit will be on display (Hatcher, 2nd floor) in the Clark Map Library through January 19, 2016.