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from Beyond the Reading Room

Eleanor Burke Leacock, Feminist Anthropologist

Photograph: Portrait of Eleanor Burke Leacock sitting at a desk, with a book case visible behind her.

"Utterly stunned, I walked down Broadway with a frie[n]d, repeating over and over to him, “Do you realize there are some things I will not be able to do simply because I am a woman? Do you realize…” I could not stop recounting the incident." In these words, anthropologist Eleanor Leacock recalls the moment in 1943 when she was denied an Assistantship solely because of her gender and she realized the full extent of discrimination that she would face as a female academic.

Beyond the Recipes

Verstille's Southern Cookery book cover

Curator JJ Jacobson's guest lecture in undergraduate seminar Race and Culture in the American South (History 262/AmCult 263) introduces students to Special Collection materials at U-M while also demonstrating how to use cookbooks as primary sources.

Pies for Pi Day

Book Cover with an image of Uncle Sam weighing a man and a woman in an old-fashioned scale.

Every year, March the 14th, 3/14 or 3.14, is Pi Day. Once century, however, the date is 3/14/15, making it an extra special Pi Day. Tomorrow is such a day. In celebration, we present a Suffragist pie recipe from a 1915 suffrage charity cook book.