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Shakespeare’s Life after Death: The Ireland Shakespeare Forgeries

Forgery by William Henry Ireland, purporting to be a self-portrait of Shakespeare

The exhibit Shakespeare on Page and Stage: A Celebration (Audubon Room, January 11-April 27, 2016) showcases both the textual and performance history of Shakespeare’s plays. This post looks at a particularly dramatic instance of Shakespeare forgery in the late eighteenth century. William Henry Ireland, the son of publisher and Shakespeare collector Samuel Ireland. Samuel and William Henry Ireland had a relationship that was strained at best, and as a young man, William Henry wished desperately...

2016: 400 Years of the Death of Cervantes

Portrait of Miguel de Cervantes by William Kent, copperplate engraving, in Vida y hechos del ingenioso don Quixote de la Mancha (Londres: J. y R. Tonson, 1738)

A day like today, on April 22 , Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra died in Madrid four hundred years ago. To commemorate this date, I have revisited our collection of early editions of Cervantes's works, selecting for this post the eighteenth-century edition of Don Quixote that played a major role to canonize Cervantes as a global literary figure.

Upcoming Workshop| Lead to Pixels: Setting the G gathering of the Hamlet Second Quarto

Hamlet, Second Quarto, 1604. Folger Shelfmark: STC 22276

Please join Rebecca Chung (UMSI), Fritz Swanson (Wolverine Press), and Justin Schell (Shapiro Design Lab), for conversation about the Wolverine Press's edition of a famous sheet of paper: the G gathering from the Q2 (second quarto) of Hamlet, which includes Hamlet’s “To be, or not to be” speech, his repudiation of Ophelia with “Get thee a Nunry,” and his speech to the players, “sute the action to the word.”