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Explore Michigan!

The May display of Undergraduate Library books in the Shapiro Lobby focuses on exploring the state of Michigan. We have selected books related to local history, culture, and attractions. If you’re staying in town this summer, considering learning more about our state!

A Florence Diary by Diana Athill

Cover of A Florence Diary by Diana Athill

This delightful little book, which can be read in one sitting, is a diary kept by novelist and literary editor Diana Athill during a visit to Florence in 1947. She writes about the sights of Florence, the delicious food she ate, and the people she met there.

Before You Fly Out...

An image of the cover of a book titled "Whisky, Kilts, and the Loch Ness Monster: Traveling Through Scotland with Boswell and Johnson" depicting a man with a suitcase on the top of a mossy hill.

I’ve always taken my brothers’ advice very seriously, and my college years were no exception. When they said visit your professors during office hours, I wrote up my questions and visited most of my professors at least once. When they said to live in a coop, I donned by Birkenstocks and joined an 11-member house, always cleaning the bathrooms when it was my turn. And when they said to study abroad, I moved to Spain for 4 months...