Posts on September 2013

Housing Prototypes site

digital image of Las Cocheras apartments, Barcelona

Are you researching housing projects by particular architects or in certain cities/countries? Or just curious about the possibilities for multi-unit housing? Check out the online resource While currently limited to western Europe and a few other countries, the range of projects is impressive. Each project page provides summary information, a description, images, and reference works.

The Passing of a Video Game Visionary

Today we were saddened to learn that former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi had passed away at the age of 85.Working at Nintendo since 1949, he led the company during their most critical times - reinventing themselves as an electronics entertainment business during a time when such things were first being developed. He spearheaded the development of the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, GameBoy, and GameCube, and his name is widely recognized throughout the history of video games.

Meet The Steering Committee

speedboat steering wheel and control panel

There are six members of the Instructor College Steering Committee this year.  Diana and Jungwon are returning, Harold is rejoining after a hiatus, and Nandita and Nancy are new to the group.  We are looking forward to working together to offer engaging programming and forward-leaning resources for library instruction. 

Welcome Back!

As we get started on yet another school year, we in the CVGA welcome you all, both new and returning students!We resume our regular Fall semester hours as of today:Monday: Noon - 9pmTues - Friday: 10am - 9pmSaturday: 1pm - 9pmSunday: Closed(But note: This Friday—the 6th—we will not open until 1pm.)Stop by and visit; we're in room B474 in the basement of the Duderstadt Center. We've added many new games over the summer and even a few new systems, including an Apple ][!To learn more...

Top Games Played During the Month of August 2013

Here is our list of most popular games in the archive for the month of August. The Arcade Legends Cabinet continued to be popular amongst the younger kids and new students that were coming in to check out the CVGA. Smash also made it on the list as people were taking advantage of our Smash-all-week Summer policy. And the first Black Ops made it back on the list.