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Gaming Week Day 1: Racing Games

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Did you know that the CVGA has a vast array of racing games, as well as a racing wheel controller to go along with our popular Xbox 360 games? We now have over 50 racing games in the CVGA, ranging from arcade style to realistic driving games. Some of them (Forza, etc.) have even been used by students as a driving simulator in research involving texting while driving. A few of our other popular racing games include Mario Kart, Need for Speed, and Gran Turismo. Here are some other interesting...

Introducing MLibrary Favorites

Over the past months, a team of library staff comprising the MLibrary Favorites Working Group (Albert Bertram, Sigrid Cordell, Jonathan Rothman, Sonu Mishra, and Ken Varnum), together with Bill Dueber from Library Systems, have been working on an improved Favorites tool for the library web site.

Gaming Week - September 17-22

Welcome, new students! Now that you're getting a chance to settle in, we'd like to offer a chance for you to stop by the archive and see what we have to offer.On this note, we've decided to hold a Gaming Week during the week of September 17-22 (the third week of classes), with each day showing off a different type of game that we offer. This is also your chance to stop by and see who else on campus is interested in the same types of games that you are. So drop by anytime on the...

Top Games List - August 2012

Here is our list of most popular games played in the archive throughout the month of August. Nintendo dominates the board for the first time in a long time, probably due to the influx of younger kids that have been able to check out the CVGA over the Summer. The past month has also brought us a long list of new games to try out, so be sure to stop by when you get a chance.


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