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New List of Digital Collections

The Digital Library Production Service (DLPS) has created and hosted a very large number of digital collections over the last 10+ years. We have been working for many years to integrate those collections into MLibrary services, and we are now ready to present the next link in this chain-- a more easily navigable and more fully featured list of these collections.

Happy Belated Birthday, Mario!

Mario and Luigi

Authored by Ben Nanamaker: I'm not sure how I missed this, but yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of the release of Super Mario Bros. Although Mario appeared in games prior to Super Mario Brothers - 1981's Donkey Kong, 1982's Donkey Kong Junior (which featured Mario as a villain!), and 1983's Mario Bros. (which introduced Luigi) - it was Super Mario Bros. that made Mario world-famous and saved the video game industry.

Welcome Back to the CVGA!

The fall semester is back upon us, and so we return to our regular hours: Mon Noon- 9pm; Tue - Fri 10am - 9pm; Sat 1pm - 9pm (closed Sunday). Actually that's an expansion on our Saturday hours from last year, as we're now opening on Saturdays two hours earlier.

Another Perspective on Violence and Video Games

Authored by Ben Nanamaker: With one of the top video game blogs dedicating this week to posts about gamers’ love affairs with guns, and with several bloggers in the past month or two also discussing violence in video games, I thought it was a good time to analyze what’s being said and how it differs from the usual take on video games and violence.


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