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Featuring the Ouya: A New Bulletin Board Display

Ouya bulletin board display

Our new bulletin board display features the Ouya console - a game console powered by an Android OS that was built to bring games that were formally playable only on phones onto your television.We had an opportunity to check out several free games that were installed on our Ouya, and chose to showcase some of them here. My personal favorite is EVAC, which I like to describe as a souped-up game of Pacman, with a guy trash talking you the whole way through. It gives the old game a fresh feel.

New International Engagement Guide for Stamps Students

Sandra Wiley and Annette Haines recently collaborated on a new international engagement guide for Stamps students. The guide offers useful information about the Stamp's international requirement, passports, health, safety, and separate resources tabs for Bangalore, Copenhagen and Florence. The guide will be continually updated. Let us know what you think. You can check it out at:

Teaching and Learning Together: The U-M Library's Festival of Learning

librarians cutting paper at a table

While learning about knitting or cake decorating may not seem like professional development to most people, the act of teaching and the act of learning can be very powerful, especially if it is interest-driven. The staff at the University of Michigan Library are deeply involved in supporting learning at all levels: the identification, access and organization of information to inform learning, the instruction of techniques to support learning, and the provision of tools and services that can...

ARTstor training on Youtube

For those of you who may not have discovered it yet, ARTstor is a vast database of high quality digital images from hundreds of world class museums and institutions.


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