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Increasing Access to Document Delivery Through Ongoing Data Analysis

Person handing a book to another person

Document Delivery provides traditional Interlibrary Loan Borrowing service, and scanning and delivery service for books and articles from material owned by the U-M Library. As a result of a successful pilot to provide free Local Document Delivery for faculty and graduate students, the department next sought to change the fee-based service for undergraduate students and staff. Departmental managers wondered: What would happen if we made scanning and delivery service free for these patron groups?

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

Cover of The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

The Alice Network tells two parallel stories, in alternating chapters. One is about a young woman who worked as a spy, in an all-female spy network, in France during World War I. The other is about an American college student who goes to France shortly after World War II, to look for her French cousin who disappeared in occupied France. These two stories intersect in a powerful way and make for a very suspenseful novel.

Workshop Q&A: Prototyping Throughout the Design Process

Why did you choose to attend this workshop? The Center for Socially-Engaged Design works with students who want to make a conscious effort to design and engineer for a more sustainable, inclusive, and culturally-accepted future. As a part of BLUElab, I looked into their online programs and came across many workshops that can be done online with an in-person coaching session at the end to complete the training.

Learning Image Editing Software

Have you ever sat before your computer late at night and giggled in glee as you blended layers in an imaging editing software? If not, that is probably a good thing. However, as of this week, I can proudly say that I have. Through my job at the Shapiro Design Lab, I have access to, a professional training service . A subsidiary of Linkedin, Lynda contains a plethora of training materials, including an introductory course to GIMP (General Image Manipulation Program). GIMP is an...


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