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Memorex VIS and Sega Pico

Over the past couple weeks, we received a couple of interesting donations, including a Sega Pico and a Memorex VIS. The games that came with them were mostly centered towards the education of children, with a few others thrown in.

Setting up our Library IT Workload Study

A pie chart illustrating the various activities recorded by the blog author.

For the past year, the University of Michigan Library IT (LIT) division has been devoting time & resources to conducting a thorough self-assessment. These efforts have included discussions focused on our application infrastructure, our division communication patterns, and our service workflows. And while these discussions were instrumental in helping identify challenges and potential solutions, we wanted to begin to collect hard data to help better understand the complexity of our work.

Suspense and Sensibility by Carrie Bebris

Cover of Suspense and Sensibility by Carrie Bebris

Suspense and Sensibility is part of a mystery series where Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy from Pride and Prejudice meet characters from Jane Austen's other novels. Kitty Bennet from Pride and Prejudice becomes engaged to Harry Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility, but he begins acting strangely as soon as they announce their engagement. Do an antique mirror and a portrait of a roguish ancestor have to do with it?


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