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Class Field Trip

Professor Brad Bushman teaches a senior-level course on video games here at the University (crosslisted in Communication Studies & Psychology). Yesterday afternoon the class took a field trip to the Computer & Video Game Archive to play a bunch of games. The most popular games were Guitar Hero World Tour and MarioKart Wii; also popular were Mario Party, Halo 3, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Mario Bros.


Exhibit picture

One of our graduate students, Meredith Kahn, put together an exhibit of computer and video game items for the display cases in the basement of the Duderstadt Center. (The items are are mostly non-working or currently unused games; boxes/packaging; and books.)

Inside an NES

NES inside

Yesterday I cracked open one of our Nintendo Entertainment Systems to replace the pin connector which had gone bad. I was successful, so now we have two working NESes (and also an NES clone).


There's an interview with me regarding the Comptuer & Video Game Archive over at The Video Game Librarian blog. Thanks to John Scalzo for his excellent interview!


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