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A Calculated Risk by Katherine Neville

Cover of A Calculated Risk by Katherine Neville

In this caper novel and satire on the financial world, banker Verity Banks comes up with a plan to steal a billion dollars from the bank's electronic transfers to show her corrupt bosses how easy it is. Her mentor, Zoltan Tor, makes a bet with her, that he can steal a billion dollars before she does, without using a computer. But Verity's bosses have a scheme of their own. Will she defeat them? And can she and Tor deny their feelings for each other? Although first published in...

Marking the 500th Anniversary of the Death of Leonardo

Copperplate engraving from Trattato della Pittura di Lionardo da Vinci. Trato da un Codice della Biblioteca Vaticana e dedicato alla Maestá di Luigi XVIII Re di Francia e di Navarra (Rome: Stamperia de Romanis, 1817)

According to Giorgio Vasari’s biographies, The Lives of the Most Excellent Italian Architects, Painters, and Sculptors, Leonardo da Vinci died on May 2, 1519. As museums around the world are commemorating the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo with various exhibits, we would like to join the celebrations of Leonardo’s legacy by highlighting our copies of some early printed editions of his Trattato della Pittura (Treatise on Painting).

The Role of the IRB in U-M Library Assessment and Research

Text: Keep Calm and Don't Forget About IRB Review

When planning an assessment project in the Library, one important step is to consider whether your project should be vetted by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at U-M, a committee that ensures studies with human subjects are ethical, that subjects are protected from unnecessary psychological or physical risks, and that subjects are participating in a fully informed, voluntary manner. This post details when your data collection may be subject to a full IRB application and review process.


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