Posts on May 2013

Holland Prize for Architectural Drawing

Digitized architectural drawing of Dome Home

In this era of computer-aided design, the skills required to create a single-sheet measured drawing of a building may seem to be irrelevant. Yet as a means of fully understanding and documenting a design, architectural delination is invaluable. Now, the National Park Service is administering an annual prize for the best drawing:

Xbox One and Archiving

Since the announcement of Micrsoft's next generation Xbox One gaming and entertainment console earlier this week, we've received several inquiries about our thoughts on how it's announced features, particularly the cloud computing and DRM aspects, will affect how we deal with it in the archive. Below are my (Dave's) initial thoughts:I've been following somewhat the information about the Xbox One since its announcement earlier this week. While we don't have many...

New Materials!

Our latest shipment from Material ConneXion is here, so we have over 200 new samples of the newest innovative materials for you to examine! Cow rumen, stingray leather, paper made from reclamation of Detroit's brownfields, LED wallpaper, curve-corners for drywall - many sources of inspiration for creative applications by engineering, architecture, and art students and faculty.