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Video Game Book Table Display

Table Display

Our library table display for March is books about video games: The books were selected by the ULAs (Ben, Rebecca & Stephanie) and me; Stephanie put together the presentation. Come by the 2nd floor to check it out, and there are many more books in the stacks!


Do you find yourself wishing for more opportunities to use your Playstation Move? Due to be released in Spring 2011, Sony has come out with a software server application called Move.Me that allows you to use PS Move paraphernalia and a PC to create new software that can be used with the Move. Move.Me is designed specifically to be used by game software developers, researchers, and college nerds who are lying in wait to put their personal mark on the Move market.

Top Games - Week of February 21st

Here is our Top 10 List for this past week. Melee has fallen down the list a bit to make room for Brotherhood, which has been popular amongst a few dedicated people, and NBA 2K11. We'll have to see if the Smashers can pick up the slack next week, when the archive reopens.


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